I’m Kayla and “Modern Day Carmen Jones” is “my damn blog” (that part I got from Solange Knowles’ blog). But anywho, I am a 22-year-old journalism student attending school in Georgia, yes I am bawn and razed in the deep south. I love life and take the good with the bad and although my bad isn’t miserable, I’ve seen better days.

I have a huge passion for leopard print, it is one of my quirky characteristics that make me me. However, that does not mean any and everything cheetah or leopard print I want; which happens to be a pet peeve of mine when people think that.

Oh yea, I’m one of those people who shakes her head with a “mhm” when I am reading the traits of my zodiac sign, Capricorn. Anyone who’s a Capricorn understands…..or is shaking their head too.  I pretty much attribute all my doings to being one of the goat people.

I am a dreamer, part of the reason I decided to start this blog (me being a procrastinator comes later). But being a dreamer can or cannot be all what it cracks up to be, that depends on the person who visions the dreams. I am also a writer (and no anyone cannot be a writer). Writing is a craft and a talent that I accepted hence why I am a student-journalism, but also why I am pursing becoming an avid blogger.

I think big and I will be the first to tell you that: you are your biggest critic, setback and barrier. There have been so many times I stopped doing something or failed to perform to my best capability because I got in the way. But those days are over!

My friends would tell you I give it to you straight with a soothing chaser and that’s if I’m in the mood. But sometimes humans can be so so human-y with their attitudes and emotions sometimes. But I’m a peoples-person, no that wasn’t a joke.

I love music and although my rhythm likes to fluctuate, my ideal dance party: just me, loud music and being carefree shucking and jiving around the house. *Cuts to scene of Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle with Cameron Diaz dancing around in her underwear*

But overall, I like to say I am a good time and I want this blog to reflect who I am but just the internet version if that makes sense.



One response to “ABOUT ME

  1. OMG – no wonder we like each other…we’re both goat people. Capricorn for LIFE! Haha! I’m also a leopard print lover, and much like you, I tell people all the time, that is not the only print that I wear/like; it just happens to be my favorite. Anyway, loving your blog so far. Glad we found each other. 🙂

    Drea, http://therealmissdrea-daily.com

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