Grownup Kayla ruins things…

Murry Chrismuh’,

You know, it just very much may be true: Adulthood ruins your childhood. Everything you feel in love with as a kid, thought was the greatest invention ever, and even wanted to do chores just to buy, doesn’t stand a chance when you get older.

Let’s start off with television, subcategory: movies. I can’t even look at “Pocahontas” the same and I loves me some Poca! But just can’t be hypnotized by her Europeanized beauty without noticing that these Native Americans were already speaking (fluently) and understanding English in two days. I can’t even enjoy the elaborate musical without noticing her description as a “princess” when there is not royal lineage in Indian tribes. Thank you 20-something-year-old Kayla!

But the silver lining is you learn as you get older and growing up wanting to be Pocahontas only happens on Halloween.

Now let’s get to what prompt me to write this post, “How The Grinch Stole Christmas.” Last weekend my best friend and I agreed HTGSC is an American classic and an essential part of our childhood during the holidays. Matter of fact we concluded this film is one of Jim Carey’s best work. We even went as far as saying their needs to be a sequel because let’s face it, the movie ends on a cliffhanger. Does the Grinch revert back to his grinchly ways? Did Cindy Lou Who grow into her nose? Did Grinch marry Martha May Whovier? Did the Grinch ever learn the words of “Welcome Christmas”? Is Whoville based in an area that snows year round? And the bigger question, what the hell is the Grinch?

See I can’t even be naïve to these films anymore dammit!

I shouldn’t have to wait till Christmas to see HTGSC. Then my best friend pointed out, he shouldn’t have to wait till Halloween to see “Hocus Pocus.” Why do we have to wait until these holidays to see these movies? I get it, maybe if we saw them constantly throughout the year it wouldn’t be as anticipated but still. Listen you don’t know movies unless you grew up in the 1990s. Yes, I’m one of those millennials that believe all greatness happened in the 90s and back. Come on, you really think a movie like “Babe” can make it in today’s society…..without going straight to DVD? I can name one seasonal movie from the 21st century that is now a classic—“Frozen.” How many can you name from the 20th, you’ll need more hands.

Back to what I was talking about.

Where are the coloreds in Whoville, were they not brought over from another snowflake yet. Why is Whoville minority population zip? See you don’t even notice stuff like that when you’re a child eating brownies made in your Easy Bake Oven, in your footie pajamas, drinking hot chocolate, sitting in wrapping paper that there isn’t an Aisha sitting up in Cindy’s class.

Besides my revelation about some of my favorite movies, what has adulthood ruined for you as a child? It doesn’t have to be as deep as mines (lol) but what do you notice all the time now that interferes with you reliving your childhood? It can be anything, not just movies.

Oh and has anyone else seen the Hanes commercial with the women dancing? I get the concept and think it’s cute but the first time I saw it, my reaction was I guess Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, etc. don’t get pregnant; nevertheless, cute commercial.

Happy Holidays!!


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