Oh but I’m back baby

Merry Christmas Eve!!!!

You know what’s the best thing about graduating college, you don’t have to worry about setting time aside for your hobbies and interests. It is not that I don’t know how to multi-task but I sometimes prefer to focus on one main thing so I give it 100 percent. Now that I competed one chapter of my life, I can pick up where I left off with another.

First off, I will be doing some major changes to my blog visually and finally making some major investments. I feel MDK is lacking some major aesthetics creatively and I just can’t get down with that. Yea I know things take time, but I believe I can give you a better reading experience, right? Right! So, I won’t be going on a hiatus but MDK will definitely be undergoing some changes. It may take a while because instead of hiring a web designer, I’ll be doing it myself *inserts emoji face*. Yea, I am just one of those people that likes to do things myself first unless it is just that impossible for me to do. Mhm, so I got a feeling big and wonderful things will be happening in 2015 because I am just going to stay positive, pray and put it into the universe!

Does anyone else think people are buying Elf On A Shelf just to put it in inappropriate setups? Gotta love parents with an imagination while simultaneously mocking their child(ren)’s childhood. I live. Here’s one of my favorites.



I started listening to Christmas music around finals and I love this playlist. If you want to really get in the spirit listen to these songs!

Happy holidays!!!


2 responses to “Oh but I’m back baby

  1. Good luck with updating the look of the blog, Kayla. When I transferred my blog from wordpress.com to wordpress.org, I remember it being easy, but I was so worried that I’d mess up and lose all my posts and photos. My advice is to back everything up on an external hard drive or a flash drive before making any major changes.


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